About the U of S Research on Grains

During the past year the HGI has facilitated research funding from a consortium of grain groups (the Alberta Wheat Commission, the Grain Farmers of Ontario and the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission) who in collaboration with Mitacs have supported the development of new grains research at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S).

The research project examined grain consumption patterns identified in the recently released 2015 Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) by Statistics Canada. It assessed how Canadians eat different types of grain products (e.g. whole and enriched refined grain foods), their nutrient contribution in the Canadian diet and other health-related outcomes.

This project represents the first time that research has looked at patterns of grain consumption and associations with nutrient intakes, diet quality, and BMI in Canadian children and adults. Dr. Hassan Vatanparast, Associate Professor in the U of S, Colleges of Pharmacy and Nutrition and School of Public Health is leading the research that will continue into 2020.


This toolkit compiles key science-based documents on the health and nutrition of grains as a resource for you, your patients and your stakeholders. Each document is presented as a separate PDF so that it can be easily printed or shared digitally.